Refrigerated Countertop Case – TCTD

Refrigerated Countertop Case

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Standard features

  • Compressor (built in)
  • Static cooling
  • External housing (zinc coated plate, powder painted), finish color white
  • Ecological polyurethane foam insulation
  • Display area (stainless sheet)
  • Worktop – stainless plate, insulated
  • Aluminium sections color – silver or gold
  • Front base straight or slanted
  • Curved movable front glass
  • Night blinds
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Condenser outlet to container
  • Electronic controller with digital temperature gauge


  • External housing made of stainless plate
  • Finish color optional
  • Front glass straight
  • Glass exposition shelf
  • Movable glass partition

*All equipment designed to operate in controlled environment below 75°F (+24°C) temperature and HR 55% relative humidity.

**All measurements are approximates

*** Specifications are subject to change without notice