Countertop Warm Display Cases

  • Standard features
  • • Warm air circulation
    • External housing made of acid-resistant stainless steel
    • Exposition area made of acid-resistant stainless steel,
    prepared for GN containers
    • Exposition shelf made of acid-resistant stainless steel
    • Curved front glass openable
    • Night blinds made of polycarbonate (from staff side)
    • Lamp with LED light (confectionery color)
    • Temperature regulator
    • Dry or wet heating

Product Specs Voltage Length Depth Height Weight (lbs/kg)
HDCD2 115V 1ph 60Hz 11A
Max Fuse: 15A
31 ½” 31” 24 ¼” 110/50
HCDD3 115V 1ph 60Hz 12A
Max Fuse: 15A
51 ¼” 31” 24 ¼” 165/75


*All equipment designed to operate in controlled environment below 75°F (+24°C) temperature and HR 55% relative humidity.
**All measurements are approximates
*** Specifications are subject to change without notice